Tie in Promotion

            Tony Burch has been in the design industry over the last 10 years. He fashion line has grown remarkably as she has the sense of style that is loved by many women and young girls. Since Godiva have been looking into growing its business, the best way to woo new female members would be to present something that they were all passionate in, and that is fashion. Since it has been in business for that long, many women and girls already relate to her designs and know how good she is at her job.

Since she has been expanding her brand, she is at an advantage as this will make her name grow. By Godiva partnering with her, they can design specific outfits that new members would be getting whenever they sign up as new members (Kerin, 2012). The only disadvantage would be is that they are not found in stores countrywide and this would have helped Godiva attain more members. Nevertheless, new members who are in places where a Tony Burch store isn’t available can always have their presents sent to them.

The fact that they offer the chance for people to shop online also presents the opportunity for new members o select the design that they would want as their present. Tony Burch already knows the market so well that it is going to be much easier for her to come up with ideas that will make the Godiva Reward Club be popular to her customers (Kerin, 2012). Our target will be the young women who come to shop in her stores as they make the perfect candidates and they are also good with networking.            


Kerin, R. (2012). Marketing: the core. Ryerson: McGraw Hill, Publishers.