Thermal insulation paper from CEP

From the article, we get to understand the purpose of insulating materials in broader perspective such as reducing heat gain or loss for energy conservation. Insulation systems also control equipment process temperature, controlling surface temperature for personnel protection, reduce greenhouse gases emission. Thermal insulation also prevents condensation on surfaces and lastly aid in fire protection(Hart, 2014).
Reading through the article, we also come to several properties that define the thermal ability of different materials which includes the K-value or rather thermal conductivity that determines the rate of heat flow through a uniform material caused by temperature difference. The second property is the C-value that depends on material thickness, the C-value can be calculated by dividing K-value by the material thickness. The last property is U-value or rather a Thermal transmittance, to get U-value we need to put into account heat transfer through the insulation as well as through the gaps between it and any insulation material(Hart, 2014).

Work cited
Hart, G. (2014). selecting thermal insulation.