The city of Raleigh

A brief documented Essay


There are many professions that one can choose. However, I consider nursing to be one of the best professions in the world. It requires a lot of devotion, dedication, diligence, time and hard work. A good nurse is expected to be able to work for long hours and show empathy. The nurse should be stable emotionally so that he or she is able to remain sober even in instances that the environment is emotionally charged. Nurses should be reactive to enable them be decisive especially in life threatening situations. This is despite the fact that they face different challenges including low pay, aggression from patients and ill treatment from doctors among other challenges. For this to be achieved, nurses should work in an environment where they are comfortable; the facility should be close to the residence so that much time is not lost when the nurse is on call.

I am a nurse by profession and when the question of the place I would prefer working in arises, a lot of things that need to be considered come in mind. Most nurses, I included would prefer working in places where the equipment they use during procedures are readily available. Another major consideration includes the cost of living in that specific city. This is quite essential because, the pay in a specific city might be good but the cost of living might be way higher than the earnings hence causing interruption in work schedules and also failure to make ends meet. Considering the cost of living factor, as well as commute time, livability of that city, salary and availability of work equipment, I would prefer living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Reasons for choosing Raleigh

The city of Raleigh was chosen for different reasons. This city is the second- largest in North Carolina therefore all the amenities I would need would be readily available. The performance of the healthcare system in the city has made it be ranked as one of the top industries in the city. If I was to look for the nursing opportunity in the said city, I would be sure to easily get one due to the concentration of hospitals, health cares and private practices in the area. There are over 20 hospitals and health centers in the city’s metropolitan area which includes Duke University Medical Center,  WakeMed Healthcare, Durham Regional Hospital, University of North-Carolina Hospital, Rex Healthcare among many others. The other reasons as to why I chose this city include the following:

Cost of living

According to the recent data, it was revealed that the Raleigh’s cost of living is 2% less than all of North Carolina’s average and 5.4% less than the national average making it one of the cities with the lowest cost of living (AreaVibes, 2014). There are available apartments for rent at average prices ranging from $650 to $1000 depending on the locations and the size of the apartment. I also considered amenities like the gas prices, coffee and pizza prices and also found out that they were 1.4%, 11.1% and 14.2% respectively, lower than the national average (AreaVibes, 2014). The average salary for a registered nurse in this Raleigh city is about $41,000 which would be enough considering the low cost of living. The relatively lower cost of living would give me an opportunity to spend lesser and therefore save more money for other projects like acquisition of a home.


Considering the availability of local amenities, weather, stable housing market and low cost of living, Raleigh City has proved to be quite livable. The crime rates  of the city are also average therefore it would be less stressful during the late-night emergency calls, where I wouldn’t worry much about my security  hence focusing more on the patients that need attention.

Commute time

In the Raleigh city, there is availability of different modes of transport including train stations, public transport and taxis. The average commute time from home to the health center would be about 20 minutes or less based on different reasons hence saving time also it would save someone’s life during emergencies due to quick response. The efficient transport network in the city makes it very easy for me to commute to work and go back to my residence after work.


Despite the need for better conditions while working as a nurse, the main focus is always about giving the much needed attention to the people in need, listen to them and give them emotional support whenever needed.  This can only be achieved if a nurse is fully dedicated to his or her work despite the location.

These are only my views of the city I would love to work in, in the ideal condition. This though does not mean that I wouldn’t work in other towns. If need be, I would work as a nurse anywhere in the world in order to save someone’s life. The dedication and focus of a nurse should not be applied only when they are working in ideal conditions.




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