Job description

The accountant post will be specifically that of an administrative assistant, there he/she is corporate accountant, he/she will specifically record and analyze financial information for the company, their responsibility include budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management and assert management the accountant will be part of the management team whose role will be indolent in strategic planning or the development of new product(U.S department of labor, 2008)

The administrative assistant will supervise, plan, and coordinate the activities and operations of the accounting programs; coordinate assigned activates with sister departments, divisions and general public; and provide highly responsible and complex staff assistance to managers in finance department (Mader-clark, 2013)

The accountant work environment is that of a typical office setting, we have luxurious and spacious office setup. He/she will also be required to travels severally to our branches since our department has multiple locations. Our working hours is strictly 40 hours a week , though some time when our activities increases he/she may be required to work for longer hours, all the extra hours is fully catered for by incentives.(U.S Department of Labor, 2008)

A description of the job duties.

Coordination of the organization, staffing and operation activities for the assigned accounting programs, (mader-clark, 2008)

Participate in the development and implementation of goals, objective, policies, and priorities for the finance activities, identify resource needs, recommend and implement policies and procedures (mader-clark, 2008).

He/she direct, coordinate and review the work plan for the accounting programs; meet with staff to identify and resolve problems; assign work activities and projects; monitor work flow; review and evaluate work products, methods and procedures (mader-clark,2008)

He /she will review invoices, recites of deposits and procedures of recording funds, monitor all financial reports from the general and subsidiary ledgers, assist in reconciliation and summary data reports. (Mader-clark, 2008)

Supervise data control and operations including the approval of documents and batch processing control; implement modification to improve systems; participate in the development and testing new systems (mader-clark, 2008)

A description of the minimum qualifications.

A minimum of bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field from a recognized university, a master’s degree will be an added advantage.. Licensure and certification is a must have. A candidate must be a certified public accountant (CPA), professional recognition through certification or designation like certified management accountant (CMA) (U.S Department of Labor, 2008)

A minimum of 5 years experience with auditing or accounting farm, (U.S Department of Labor, 2008), experience in budgeting, accounting, investments, finance or related field(mader-clark,2008). Practical knowledge in computers applications.(U.S Department of Labor, 2008)

 10 illegal questions that must not be asked and Justifications

  1. What can you do? Cast contempt on the candidate
  2. How much do you have in your bank account? its intriguing into personal life
  3. Do you have any disability? It’s a violation of Americans with disabilities act
  4. What is the name of the high school you attended? inappropriately
  5. How many pounds do you weigh? It’s illegal if it’s not part of job requirement
  6. Have you been admitted to hospital? It illegal question since it is not job related?
  7. Which religion do you belong to? It’s a prejudice and stereotypical
  8. Are you of Mexican origin? It is wrong question and discriminatory
  9. How old are you? Its prejudice
  10. Do you have a boyfriend? It’s a sexual harassment,( Mann and Bumble, 2005)

 10 illegal questions that must not be asked, and Justifications

  1. Why do you think you are best qualified for this job? This questions targets to test capability, commitment and compatibility of the candidate to this job
  2. What can you do for our company that other r candidates cannot do? Targets to know the creativity and ambitiousness of the candidate
  3. What areas of skills do you hope to improve upon over the next 12 months? Targets to see the commitment of the candidate towards persons improvement
  4. What do you like to do outside of work? To see if the candidate is can balance between work and personal commitment and job duties
  5. What else would we know about you? For his interests, strengths and weaknesses
  6. What are your views of flexible working and life balance? Help determine his flexibility
  7. Can we check your reference? Know if the candidate is genuine
  8. Take me through your carrier progress? Determine development of the candidate
  9. Tell me about these gaps in your carrier? seeking clarification
  10. How did you get your performance appraisal? Monitor his/her success(McDermott and Reed, 2006)





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