Introduction to philosophy and ethics

The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the reading titled “The Ring of Gyges,” by Plato. The paper will mainly give a general comment on the book and later give a response from the reading of the book.

Comment on the reading

From the reading, the author succeeds in bringing out the aspect of egoism as articulated in the book. The author that is Plato, sets up egoism in that if an individual has what we call magic that makes him invisible then whether wrong or just he or she would show some selfish character of doing things he wants without the fear of getting punished.


From the book titled “Ring of Gyges” by Plato, we come across Glaucon, who is a character in the book. The author that is Plato, brings in the aspect of why do most people act justly through the character’s arguments which state that if you take a keen look at what people are in general there is a belief that doing wrong is desirable and suffering wrong tends to be undesirable. Also, since the human nature do not want to suffer he or she would do anything that suits him or her regardless of the receiving end. Glaucon further concludes in his statement that every human would accept Justice reason is that they are weak, and one with power would successfully carry out misdeeds.

The author also in his article gives the tale of the ring of Gyges to support Glaucon claim. From the tale, the character introduces us to a shepherd by the name Gyges who finds a magical ring of invisibility that was trapped in a strange bronze horse exposed by the earthquake. Using the ring, the shepherd seduces the queen whom we find the shepherd succeeding in the murder of the king through the queen’s help and takes control of the king’s wealth. From the tale we clearly get the concept of egoism as anticipated by the author in that when an individual is just or unjust but gets himself into the situation of doing something unjust without being caught, and then the person will take a quick action.

Additionally, from the book we also get to understand the aspect of morality which in broader perspective people get to be an excuse. As anticipated by the author we get much of the story bringing in the aspect of morality being something people abiding to only because of the repercussions if they do not. Therefore, given the opportunity to get away with the immorality human would use power for their gain.


From the book titled “The Ring of Gyges,” by Plato, we get enlightened on the aspect of egoism and self-centered. Glaucon, a character in the story, tries to put more emphasis on the aspect of just and unjust by giving a tale of the ring of Gyges. Gyges, who is a shepherd being in a position of having an invisible ring, he seduced the queen and later kill the king for self-gain. Lastly, the article as anticipated by the author also brings in the aspect of morality in that human are bound to abide by the moral ways since the repercussions are well known but if given the opportunity would use it for their self-gain.



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