Critical Perspective Mind

The question of the rise of mental torture with regards to the insecurity on how the views of people on oneself are presented is a challenge in the society that seeks to verify some justification. This study will cover critically on the perspective of mind in a philosophical approach, exploring on the components that sustain such issues. The issues include such questions as who am I? Am I a spirit, a body, a mind or all of these things? In addition, how free am I?

Who Am I, a spirit, a body, a mind or all of these things?

The perceptual knowledge depends on the arrival of some stimuli in several unique sense organs. The stimuli trigger mental change caused by the sense organs that are targeted from the external environment. The behavior at the sight of seeing something that revokes the change in mind, for example, a site of food and the behavior in human person will be an experiment to detect the transformation process. The questions regarding the face that reflects in the mirror each day when morning comes and the eyes that take time to view issues and observe other creatures from afar, or the mental mind that deals with the thoughts of realizing the ability to connect with some issues, is still an open discussion. Having an attitude about inquisitive questions is a stage to factor in the realization and actualization of oneself.

In the real approach on issues that affect the human body, real figuring out the entity of ‘who am I’ is important. I am a sense of some component referred to as ego. When this concept is applied to the body in a temporary way, this becomes an ego with false characteristics. Meanwhile, if the sense is applied to some spiritual description, it turns out to be real. False ego is the reality depicted from the original ego (Conrad 28). The mind and body are involved in this process, and people can only apply the description depending on the personalities.

How Free Am I

The basic intention of studying the liberal mind has been already completed before the experiment begins. The instruction the brain traces is difficult to change, especially when dealing with human minds. The primary intention has been completed before the experiment begins. Undesirable interconnection on the environment is based on the understanding of the human mind. The freedom to choose from the truth or values is affected by the environmental process (Conrad 30). Some philosophers have argued that losing the ego is possible, but losing it to an environmental change and exploration opportunities is impossible.

The freedom of decision affects the liberal mind in determining the aspects of the right choice and events. It is vital to outline the standardization of the well-being of a person without bias. It is vital to consider the process that provides an outline on the sensitivity and awareness of the mental connection (Conrad 31).


Self-awareness and actualization are vital in considering the application process of a journey in determining a person. The Inner person with an extra potential may influence the ego in the world of reality and satisfaction, depending on the effects caused by the mental torture. Sensitivity and perfect communication with oneself, for instance, meditation processes or attending the retreats is important to the well-being of a person.

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