A critical discussion question AND critical response

The philosophy of photography has been explained using different theories and ideas. Images are part of photography whereby they can be made on surface. Photographers can take these images in a single glance. The images have a great meaning and people are able to wander through them and know that was happening when the image was taken. When the observer is scanning the image, the significance of the image will be revealed.

Critical discussion question

Pictures or images are said to present a message more than words can do. A single image can help someone present an idea that is complicated. This would require too many words to bring about an idea. The question is how the photographer captures the images and convinces the audience about an idea. How do images connect with emotions of the audience and bring about the intended meaning? What makes images appear so real and one is able to understand the scene in a photograph (Flusser).


People say that, seeing is believing. One cannot understand the entire scene without some form of demonstrations using images. Images replace events and translate them into scenes. It is difficult to understand the magical nature of images. They mediate between the world and human beings.   People may not be present when an event is taking place. According to Flusser, when they view images captured from that particular event, they are able to connect with the scene. This is the reason why images are said to communicate better than words. Photography helps bring to life the things that happened in the past. History is remembered by use of photography.  Most people prefer images to texts. This is because they have come to realize that images have a great impact in understanding the message. These images are used by different people in the society to deliver the message better that it could be done in words.

Images are used in advertising and marketing. They even do better than words. A person would be bored to read thousand of words about a product. According to Flusser, in an image, the audience would gain interest and would want to know the meaning of a particular image used in advertisement.  Photography helps people believe in what is captured (Flusser 25). It reflects and reflects the reality. A person is therefore able to understand an image and the events behind that image.  It is difficult to understand the way a camera operate and produce images that are close to reality.

The camera has a program that helps in creating images. The camera has software which makes the camera become expensive. It is this software that makes the photographer to play around with images and produce the desired image and meaning. Hence, in advertising, the photographer will manipulate images and ensure they appear real when they reach the audience (Flusser 34). The same images are used on print media. They are on the magazines. If a magazine or a newspaper was just in text form, it would not be interesting in reading. However, when images are included, they give the reader to the reality of a scene. This help connects with the story written in such print media (Flusser 45).

In conclusion, photography creates meaning to things that people could not understand if words were used to explain. Photography is used on billboards, magazines, books, carrier bags and clothing among others. Photography makes events appear real and easy to understand.

Work cited

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