American Pop Art

This is an art movement whose emergence can be traced back to the mid-1950s in Britain. In the United States, this artistic movement emerged in the late years of 1950s (Osterwold, 2003). It started by developing images subjects that were iconic in nature such as advertisements, movies, and the most famous personalities. In the history of arts, many idioms have been linked with one another depending on the period. It implies that there are developments taking place in regard to art movements. Many challenges were posed to other traditions such as fine arts as pop art incorporated aspects of imagery from popular cultures. Such included; news and aspects related to advertising among others. It has been perceived as the most recent development that has taken part in the art world. The genre is the most recent movement in the development of the art world, coming right after postmodernism (Jameson, 1991).

This new genre is much linked with the materials that are currently encountered in our daily lives. Many artists have been featured in these artistic works and the genre has encompassed works performed by artists from both sides of the Atlantic.  However, just like any other artistic genres, pop art has attracted much public derision. Some critics have raised many questions regarding this artistic genre. Such questions have asked such questions such as ‘is the genre an art? What is the main idea behind this movement and what does it aim to achieve? (Ruhrberg & Walther, 2000) The same critics have tried to bring a barrier between the viewer of the works and an experiencing that enriching. The above questions have impaired the pop art history the aspects of pop art being linked to the general flow of art of the twentieth century. However, the works have been very significant as seen from other points of view. It has provided a platform that has demonstrated a clear and re