Alert or advisory

Alert or advisory

Part 1

The purpose of the press release is to promote the website of the University Of Miami School Of Communication at and the recent one is The end goal is to ensure that the university is well marketed online. The elements that can be included in the pitch are the programs offered at the university, the tuition fee charged both for local and foreign students, the mentor programs available and why the university should be chosen from a list of other universities. The hook here is that the university is one of the best universities in Miami and the program will focus on a holistic approach to ensure that the graduate will be able to face the dynamic challenges that are experienced in the modern corporate world.

Part 2

The University of Miami has partnered with organizations in Miami to offer internships to students in the various disciplines offered in the School of Communication. The organizations are mainly those that have media and communication related departments. Through this, students will find a learning opportunity where they will be able to put whatever they have learnt into practice. The students will learn to deal with the social and cultural issues of the workplace when still in school. This will help the school to achieve its objective of offering holistic education so that the graduates can be competitive in the job market. The success of the graduates will help in propelling the profile of the institution as one of the best institutions offering art and communication in Miami and beyond.

The School of Communication would like to thank the organizations and would like to call upon the support of other organizations that deal with issues relating to communication to come on board so that they can help in training the students. This would help in preparing the students to cope with the challenges of the modern workplace.

Part 3

The subject of this release was chosen because it was consistent with the objectives of the school of offering holistic education to the students. That is, the students need to apply whatever they have been taught in practice and experience the happenings of the corporate world before they graduate.

The pitch was written to the head of communication department in the organization. This was done so that he could correct any mistakes in the pitch and include any other issues on structure and content of the pitch so that it can communicate the needed information.

The coverage had the goal of ensuring that as many people as possible get to know about the programs offered at the school of communication. This will help in promoting the profile of the school. The objective was achieved but was not achieved to its fullest. The reason for this is that the school has not taken advantage of modern tools of communication like social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are particularly helpful when marketing to international students (Baines, Fill & Page, 2013). This is because one is able to reach many people in a very short period of time.


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