Use of Internet Tools to Market Medicine


This research will be looking how online or rather internet tools could be used to market medicine produced by a particular company. Online marketing has been a trendy issue over the last few years (Kotler, Keller, 2012). The research will be answering the question: How could online tools be used in marketing of medicine produced by a particular company and how efficient could the tools be? Questions that the study will seek answers for include:

  1. How is the internet or online tools used to market products and/or services in a particular company or organization?
  2. Which particular companies have been successful in using internet as a way of marketing their products and services?
  3. How do the above companies use the internet to market their products and services?
  4. Have the companies been successful in marketing using the internet? How efficient is the use of internet as marketing in the companies?
  5. Is there a probability that the companies will continue using the same marketing tools over and over again?
  6. Will the companies investigated increase the rate at which they use of internet marketing or will they reduce it?
  7. Will internet marketing remain an effective tool of marketing in the near future?

Personal Interest

Over the last few years I have been concentrating on marketing career. I have done the job for quite some time. I have been curious on how companies have used internet as a way of marketing their products and services. This has made me curious to research on this topic to get more facts on online marketing and advertising. After carrying out this research I will have sharpened my skills and increased my knowledge on the topic of study.  Accrued benefits are inclusive of companies coming to seek my skills on marketing. After doing this study many pharmaceutical companies will be seeking my services.

Potential Benefits to Pharmaceutical Companies

This research will be of much help to many companies that deal with production of medicine. The findings of this research will guide many pharmaceutical companies in planning its marketing. The research will aid so many companies in their marketing strategy and planning. Kerin (2012) admits that online marketing works with any company. The recommendations of this study will help in improving companies marketing operations and activities. Dacko (2008) recommends that effective online marketing could salvage companies that are making fewer sales. This will see the companies gain in terms of increased sales and reduce the losses they incur after failing to make sales. According to Ewen (1996) lack of proper marketing techniques limits sales of a company. This consequentially will help the company in reducing their inventory to expose the underlying production problems improving their services (Christensen, 1997).

Methods of Gathering Information

Though primary research is not recommendable for the Capstone project there is need to employ it in my research because I need to dig out actual facts from the involved parties. Argyris, Putnam and Smith (1985) recommend use of primary research even when not needed.  Similarly Korn and Graubard (1999) recommend the same. I will also employ the primary research because there exists less content from the secondary sources of the information I need. Primary and secondary research will be employed in study of this topic as follows:

Secondary Research

I will carry out this research from literature, periodicals, business journals, internet, encyclopaedia, books and print outs as well as e-books. I will make several searches for the following information:

  1. How do companies other than those who deal with pharmaceuticals use internet as a way of marketing.
  2. Use of internet as a way of marketing pharmaceuticals.
  3. Effectiveness of internet marketing as a means of sales promotion in pharmaceutical industries.
  4. Best sites to use in internet marketing.

Primary Research

  1. In depth interviews with five marketing officers of pharmaceutical industries using internet marketing.
  2. Interviews either face-to-face with two online marketers or through phone calls.

The main subject of the primary research will be marketing officers of pharmaceutical products and selected online marketers. The research tools in the above tools will be open ended questionnaires that are considered best research instrument to guide interviews (Gauch, 2003). According to Hoffman (2003), with a few number of research respondents no statistical analysis is needed to analyze the collected data. The collected data or information will be compared to come up with findings on the effectiveness of and the future of online marketing for pharmaceutical products. This will enable the researcher to come up with commendable conclusions for the proposed topic of study. Comparison of data that has not been statistically analyzed provides as the only research instrument in any research (Trochim, 2006).

After collecting the data I will be waiting to get some findings. Possible findings include:

  1. Online marketing for pharmaceutical companies is on the verge of doubling and more companies are seeking to give a try to online marketing.
  2. With increase in more people accessing the internet, online marketing and advertising remains an effective way of sales promotion.
  3. Most companies are willing to increase their research on how they can improve and perfect internet marketing.
  4. Most companies have embraced the technique of posting ads on social media platforms as a way of internet marketing.
  5. As most companies are embracing online marketing others feel this might not be the best way of marketing pharmaceutical products.
  6. There is extensive study to take online marketing a notch higher to make it more efficient as a tool of sales promotion and promotion of the whole company as a whole.

Just like other researches, this study faces quite a number of challenges. As Cohen and Arieli (2011) suggest carrying out this research might be faced with the challenge of time limit since it is carried out in an academic setting. The study also might have hindrances of unresponsive, unwilling and hostile respondents. These might give false, irrelevant or unworthy information on the proposed topic of study. This topic has not been studied so much by other scholars and it may therefore mean that I risk facing more challenges during the actual research. According to Freshwater, Sherwood and Drury (2013) venturing into a new study especially in the medical sector is so challenging.

Knowledge and Skills Need

I will need to apply some aspects of my profession in this study. These include:

  1. Report writing skills to enable me compile a very fine report on this topic.
  2. Accounting skills so that I can prepare finances needed in carrying out this study.
  3. Marketing strategies to enable me describe the relationship between pharmaceutical industries and online marketing.
  4. Good oratory and presentation skills to allow me present fluently and articulately the report.

I will need to however improve on primary research as I have not done this before. I will need to learn how to carry out the research. According to Gorard (2013), proper interviews provide the best data for any research. In particular participatory research works the best while researching on marketing (Kemmis, McTaggart 1982).

Previous Research on this Topic

I have personally not conducted any research on this topic or another related topic prior to this study. I therefore have no other content to forward.


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