Against Routine Infant Circumcision


Title Against Routine Infant Circumcision
General Purpose  To Persuade
Specific Purpose To persuade my audience against routine infant circumcision.
Central Idea  To persuade my audience you don’t need to circumcise, known issues with boys after being circumcised, and why it should be a decision your son should make himself.



Attention Getting Material I.                   How many of us think that routine infant circumcision is healthy to our boy?

I believe you would not feel the same way if you learn that routine infant circumcision has no health benefits. It is socially constructed and people do it for cultural fulfillment.  I stand here to ask all of you to join me oppose the idea of routine circumcision because there are proven facts that it has health benefits but inflicts so much pain on the infants for no good reason (Sabzehei).

Orienting Material
  1. A. let us keep our infants safe from routine circumcision
  2. B. kid’s health organization suggests that infection which is the reason why circumcision is done can attack the penis even when one is circumcised (Huston).
Preview   C. people get information from different sources about the benefits of infant circumcision (Huston). However, they fail to research on the dangers of this practice. I am here to make you see the other side of the story.
Transition   I will discuss three reasons why you should not support routine infant circumcision.



Main Point I. You don’t need to circumcise
Support Material      A. circumcision has no health benefits is performed because it’s a routine

2. it is performed because of social reasons

3. even circumcised infant experience infections

B. it subjects your baby into a lot of pain

C. it is a mistaken belief that circumcision prevents cancer and HIV

1. The American Cancer Society is against AAP promoting Routine Infant Circumcision as a way to prevent cancer.  Condom wearing prevents HIV infections (Blank)

2. you should teach self esteem and not surgery

(a)    Circumcision of infants does not make them any better. According to Bollinger (2003) they are equal with the intact infants.  According to U.S Census bureau, the percentage of intact infants increases over the years. In 1990s, it was 36.1% while circumcised infants was at 62.9% and has increased over the years.

(b)   Infant circumcision is reducing tremendously therefore you should not be among the ones doing it. In United Kingdom, the rate of infant circumcision is 0.41 %.

Transition  The other reason why you should not circumcise infants is to understand the known issues that happen to boys after circumcision.


Main Point II Known issues with boys after being circumcised
Support Material A. Pain is inevitable.

B. infection

1. Doctors prescribe medications after operations that are never 100 percent effective.

2. Boys may experience infection after circumcision as a result of instruments used. This can lead to swelling, oozing, fever and inflammation. This can lead to diseases such as meningitis, which can cause death (Earp).

Transition  Finally you should leave it to your son to make a decision


Main Point III Why it should be a decision your son should make
Support Material
  1. It is your son who is undergoing the surgery

1.      The pain will be on his body. According to Fliess, infants experience so much pain through circumcision surgery.

2. There is need for informed consent and not do it by false.

  1. Your son should understand process first and not doing it without his knowledge.




Summary I. routine infant circumcision is practiced in many societies without knowing its complications. People argue that it has health benefits which are not the case. There are no proven facts that it has health benefits. It causes pain on the infants and can still cause further infections such as redness, meningitis that can cause sudden death. Circumcision should be a decision made by individual going through it. They should know the process in order to learn the benefits and complications. This will help them be psychologically prepared.
Clincher II routine infant circumcision is not advisable as it has no health benefits and can lead to more complications.