Jenny Kutner realizes she is pregnant.

Part II

Jenny Kutner realizes she is pregnant. She writes a story on “I’m having an abortion this weekend”. She is not happy that she is pregnant. This happens when she is using copper IUD. This is a contraceptive that she has been using for a year. She is not ready to become a mother. She does not want to keep the baby.  What confuses her is why she has to be pregnant even when using contraceptives. “I’m Pregnant. I just found out. I’m having an abortion on Saturday at 10 a.m.”. “That probably seems delusional; it probably seems less so when I mention I’ve had a copper IUD for a year”.

Jenny is in shock knowing that she has been on contraceptives for a year and yet she is pregnant. She does not believe this or comprehend what could have gone wrong. She took the first pregnancy test and it was positive. She took a second test since she wanted to clear her doubts. She was really pregnant. This situation shows that contraceptives can fail at times. One is not completely safe on contraceptives.

Abortion is one option that women consider when they have unwanted pregnancy. However, this decision is not easy. Jenny visited Planned Parenthood and abortion was one of the options. She also wrote three texts to her friends and sister.  She also is seeking information on women experiences on abortion.  “There is, of course, a sort of collective narrative that has formed, especially amongst pro-choice women like myself. It contains very few stories about what women experience just before their abortions”.

Jenny wanted to know more information on abortion. She needed to be convinced of the experiences women have before and after abortion. It is a decision that may have consequences and Jenny need to know more about it.  However, she thinks that a woman has freedom over her body.

Thinking of the act of abortion and doing it is psychologically disturbing.  One gets emotional and all she thinks is how it will be before and after abortion. “Just as I’ve had no psychic abilities at any other point in my life, I have no way to predict what I’ll be thinking or feeling immediately before or after my arrival at the clinic this weekend”

It seems that jenny is worried and emotionally affected by the thought of having an abortion during the weekend. She is thinking so much about it. She does not know how it will feel. She wants to hear that in Sunday she will wake up not pregnant again.

Women have reasons why they choose abortion. They justify their reasons and feel they are doing what is right. Jenny says that her reasons are justified.  However, she thinks that an abortion is not something that needs to be justified. Jenny is convinced that she is doing the right thing. She has the confident and believes it is her right to undergo abortion.

Women have different reasons of not keeping the pregnancy. “What I definitely, definitely don’t want, immeasurably more than I don’t want to have an abortion, is to be pregnant or to have a child”.

Jenny seems not ready for a child. She does not want to have a baby yet. She knew that she would have an abortion. This is a real situation where she has to exercise what she had thought of, in case she got pregnant.

Though there are laws regulating abortion, women still have freedom to do it. The sonogram bill and H.B 2 are bills that regulate this exercise. However, Jenny feels that she has privileges and she is not part of women who are attacked. She has money and able to access health care.

Counseling is important when one is having an abortion. Jenny had a counselor who presented several options to her. She was given an appointment for abortion procedure.  However, jenny feels that she needed more advice. She was confused and overwhelmed. She cried since she knew the zygote was growing inside her. She also was anxious of her decision. She needed more support.  This is the reason she needed support of her boyfriend, family and friends.  She knows that abortion has consequences. She does not need to hear about the aftermath but know that she will be free after abortion. She does not need the pregnancy at the moment. She also hopes to have an experience that would change her to becoming an activist.

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